What’s in season: July

It’s a smorgasbord of color this time of year!  Yellow SWEET CORN, GREEN BEANS, and PURPLE/WHITE/GREEN CAULIFLOWER just to name a few!

Melons have begun to make their appearance with CANTALOUPE.  The smell is heavenly!

The wet weather has meant fewer tomatoes than normal, but has done wonders for the BLUEBERRIES.  This year’s bumper crop keeps rolling in with fresh arrivals daily, sometimes several times a day!  In fact, you can often find Tara of the Bluebird Blueberry patch (and her dog Jackie) in the parking lot sorting and packing berries by the pint.

Speaking on summertime abundance, it is ZUCCHINI season.  Break out those recipes and help us work through the mountain of green & yellow :)

And don’t forget the FLOWERS!  Fresh cut stems and bouquets to brighten someone’s day.  (If you love stargazer lilies, this is the place for you!)

This is just a “taste” of the good stuff that is coming in from our farms each day!  To see more like or follow us at www.facebook.com/localrootswoo or www.instagram.com/localrootswoo

Mind, Body, and Soul Workshops: August 5, 19, 26

Local Roots Market and Café is pleased to bring the “Mind, Body, and Soul” series of workshops to Wooster this August.  The workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm and will consist of the following topics:

August 5th – Know your Chakras, know better health

Learn the location of the 7 major chakras and the health implications of each.  Learn how to assess, open and balance your own chakras.

August 19th – Attitude of Gratitude

Learn what gratitude really is (and isn’t) and learn to develop a healthy attitude that will improve your outlook on life.

August 26th – Improve your mood with Mudras

Mudras are a ritual gesture performed with the hands and fingers that stimulate the flow of energy in through the body.  Learn how the originated, and how you can use them to reduce your stress.


Classes are presented by Jenny Mowrer, a certified coach and Reiki master practitioner.  “People have more control over their own health than they realize,” Jenny says.  Her business, “A Touch of Inner Light”, offers life coaching, Reiki healing, and tutoring services.

Classes will be held in the Local Roots community room.  Participants will leave each class with a deeper understanding of the topic and a token to help them remember and practice the skills they learned.

Cost for Local Roots members is $15 per class or $40 for the series, non-members is $20 per class or $50 for series.  Participants are asked to pre-register by the Monday prior to the class.

Sign up at the market, email info@LocalRootsWooster.com, or call 330-263-5336.

C.A.M.O. (Central American Medical Outreach) Event: August 1

Enjoy a Latin atmosphere and lunch specials from our Café. Interactive medical equipment demos for kids, bring items from home and help make baby bundle & dental kits. Items needed are:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, cloth diapers, soaps, wash cloths, diaper pins, infant shirts/onesies, cotton diapers/receiving blankets

Learn more about the organization & how you can get involved!

Find out more at http://www.camo.org/

CAMO event flyer