Introduction to home canning class

Saturday, 8/23 from 10 – noon at Local Roots:

Learn the basics of home canning from Jennifer Grahovac, Crooked Barn Farm who has been canning for over 30 years. Whether you grow the vegetables yourself or buy them in bulk from a local farmer, we will cover how to use the hot water bath method for pickling and processing high acid fruits. We will also cover high pressure canning that allows you to can meats, soups, beans, and meals-in-a-jar. Once you master the basics, the sky’s the limit for canning fresh, nutritious meals for your family!

Please sign up in advance at the market or by emailing or call 330-263-5336

Cold Frame Seminar

Tuesday, 9/2 from 6-7:30pm at Local Roots:

Learn to grow greens into the winter months with the addition of a cold frame in your garden. Local Roots producer Karen Geiser has been harvesting greens like spinach, arugula and kale during the winter for the past dozen years and will share how your family can get started. She will give planting suggestions, have samples of greens and show some of the simple cold frames they use in their garden. Handouts with planting dates and variety suggestions are included. Plants and seeds will be available for purchase to help you start on your winter gardening adventure.
Cost is $10/member, $12/non-member. Please preregister at Local Roots.

Karen will be also offering the seminar on their farm:
Monday, August 25 from 6:30-8:00pm
Olin & Karen Geiser farm
14984 Emerson Rd, Dalton
Cost is $10/person

Space is limited, please RSVP to: 330 857-1995 or
You can also contact us about doing a seminar for a group at your location

2014 Board Elections

It is time again for our annual elections!  Cooperatives are different because, unlike other businesses, we are owned, supported, and governed by our members.  This process is essential to our operations.  We hope that all of our member-owners take the opportunity to be a part of this very special piece of co-op business!

How it works

Each year, 3 board members are voted in to fill a 3 year term by all the members during our annual election process.

The officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) change each year.  These positions are selected by the Board at their first meeting.  The President and Vice President must be members of the board, but the Secretary and Treasurer do not have to be.  The Secretary and Treasurer positions can also be held by the same person.

What does it mean to be “a board member”?

The viability of the coop depends upon the leadership of an active, passionate Board of Directors.  Board Members:

Contribute from the first moment of election and to learn the coop’s mission and the principles on which it is founded.

Share their ideas and respectfully consider others’ contributions.

Attend monthly meetings (usually held on the first or second Wednesday of each month at 7pm), the annual member meeting (in September), as well as as many other board activities as they can.

Have financial responsibility for the coop. (Board members will be educated on the reading of financial reports and the relevant legal obligations.) 

Provide oversight for the wellbeing of the coop. They receive regular updates from managers and provide vital direction and advice.

Serve as an ambassador of the coop and educate the public about our mission and goals.

Evaluate the performance of Local Roots employees.

Volunteer their time and talents to further the mission of the cooperative.

Hold themselves, fellow Directors, and staff to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.

(From the Director Agreement, read full version HERE.)

What do officers do?

The President runs the Board meetings and casts the tie breaker vote when needed.

The Vice President carries out these functions in the absence of the President.

The Secretary keeps minutes of board meeting and is in charge of co-op books and records and signing for the BOD.

The Treasurer is responsible for providing accurate accounting records and performing duties pertaining to the co-op finances.

Who can run?

Any member can run for the Board of Directors or the Secretary/Treasurer positions.  Membership dues must be up to date and volunteer members must have their volunteer hours completed.  There is no experience required.

How to run

All persons interested should submit their name, member number, what position they will be running for (Director, Secretary, or Treasurer), and a short bio to by September 1st.  Bio should be no more than 1 page in length and consist of your name, member number, the reasons you would like to serve on the board of directors, and any background/qualifications.  These bios will be posted in September as an announcement of your candidacy!

Who can vote?

All members can vote.  We adhere to the “1 member, 1 vote” co-op standard.  Membership dues must be up to date and volunteer members must have completed their required hours before elections to be eligible.

How does voting work?

Ballots will be available on starting on September 8th.  They can be picked up/turned in at the market or at the annual meeting on September 24th

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting on September 24th is open to all members and their families.  It will be a chance to get an update on the year, meet the candidates, and a final opportunity to turn in your ballot.

Announcement of the new board of directors will be made in October

The first meeting of the new board will be October 8th at 7:30 pm.


This information on the election process taken from the Wooster Local Foods Cooperative, Inc. bylaws.  The full bylaws are available at  Contact or talk to any board member!