New Cafe hours starting 9/8

Starting 9/8 the Café menu will not be available on Mondays so we can give the team a much needed day off!

Mondays we will be “Spot Lighting” what’s happening in our Commercial Kitchen starting out with Chef Heather’s vegan goodies available “to go” for a quick and delicious lunch!cafe

Cafe menu available Tuesday-Friday from 11-2 & Saturdays from 10-2.  Try soups, sandwiches, salads, quiche and more made fresh based on what’s in season and what’s in the market!

Let’s Ferment!

Monday, 9/15 from 6:30-8pm at Local Roots: 

Fermented foods have numerous health benefits, taste great, and many are simple to make at home! Karen Geiser will demonstrate making lacto-fermented sauerkraut, kim-chi and dilly beans. We’ll discuss how fermentation works in kombucha, kefir and yogurt. You can also enjoy a few samples from the Geiser family pantry!

Cost $10/member, $12 non-member.   Please pre-register at Local Roots.

2014 Board of Directors Elections & Annual Meeting

This year, we have 3-year seats and 3 candidates so each will gain a seat, but you can still cast a ballot at the market September 8th through the 24th.

Join us for the Annual Membership Meeting September 24th at 7:00 pm.  The Annual Meeting is open to all members and their families.  This is your chance to get an update on the past year, the state of the business, as well as hear plans for the future, meet the board, and ask questions.

Here is info on our 2014 electees:

Dave Benchoff, member #1005


In early 2009 I was a member of the Steering Committee which consisted of a group of people meeting at the Wayne County Public Library to discuss and plan the establishment of a local food cooperative which would serve to connect small producers of food and artisan crafts with local consumers.  As a grower of certified organic vegetable produce struggling to build a small farm business it was my feeling that such a venture would be of benefit to myself and lots of people like me.  In the course of the last 5 years I have been a Board member and have served as Board Secretary for two one year terms.  Additionally, I have been a member of the Ashland Local Roots Steering Committee since it was formed in 2011 and have been directly involved in the operation of the Ashland store up to the present.  I have a strong desire to see Local Roots succeed and continue to grow.


Michael Jaeb, member #1388


Michael Jaeb grew up in rural Ohio working on family farms and spending his days in the woods. He went to art school in 1980 and attained a BFA in design from the Cleveland Institute of Art and began practicing product design in 1985. His dream since college graduation was to be as self-sufficient as possible and to learn the practical skills for a sustainable existence.

In 1997 Michael and his wife Georgia purchased a 55-acre family farm in Holmes County and began living his dream. They have raised beef, pork and chickens for meat and layers. They also have a small orchard and 3 large gardens that provide a large percentage of their food requirements. In addition to their livestock they have raised 3 children, now adults.  15 years ago Michael began making maple syrup from the sugar maples on their property. When the recession eliminated his primary source of income he turned his syrup making hobby into a business and now makes 30 varieties of syrups, 20 varieties of Jam & Glaze and several infused vinegars. With the help of family members Simple Products has grown to have 50+ retail outlets, mostly in Ohio and attendance at 4-7 farmers’ Markets and festivals each week.

Michael has served on the Local Roots board for the past two years and is committed in helping the market grow and continue to connect local food believers with local farmers and food artisans!


Marlene Collins, member #2069


I understand the importance of buying “local.” I enjoy supporting local businesses as teaching others about the importance of that as well. Local Roots brings a sense of community, of belonging, to all who frequent here. I enjoy speaking to each and every person, be it the first time patron, whom I enjoy showing around and explaining the benefits of being a member, or even just supporting the “cause” by purchasing local; to the frequent shopper, such as myself, who stops by for lunch or comes in to find the perfect one of a kind special gift for someone, or just to see what is new.

I take great pride in volunteering and working at Local Roots. I believe that when shopping at Local Roots, not only is a person receiving quality products, but they are helping their community, and smaller businesses, grow stronger. Local Roots has helped me become more aware of my environment and has completely changed my shopping habits. I have seen the same thing happen to others as well.

I have many years working in customer service, and I was taught that when people enter my place of business, they are a guest. At Local Roots, people enter as guests and leave knowing they have contributed in helping their own community grow. I feel that I can bring a lot of input, based on my past experience, that will help foster the growth of Local Roots, not just in Wooster and Ashland, but other cities as well. As Wooster is a college town, we at Local Roots, have the privilege of welcoming people from other areas, even other states, and getting them on the “Local” bandwagon.  I have seen these guests turn into frequent shoppers, whenever they come back in the area.

I would like to be more of a part and more involved with the “Local Roots” movement. While we are doing so much right now to foster local businesses and producers, there is always more to be done. I see nothing but upward movement for our business and I believe I have the knowledge, the skills and the willingness that will contribute to Local Roots continued growth and success.