Wooster Local Foods Cooperative, Inc.

Local Roots Market and Cafe is officially known as  Wooster Local Foods Cooperative, Inc.  WLFC is governed by a board of 9 members each elected for a 3-year term by the membership.  Elections take place annually in September.  Any member in good standing with the co-op is eligible to vote or run in the election.

Officers 2015-2016

  • President – Michael Jaeb
  • Vice President – Bill Boyer
  • Secretary – Margo Curl
  • Treasurer – Marlene Barkheimer


or email board@localrootswooster.com

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly (the 1st or 2nd Wednesday) at 7:30 pm and are open to any member who would like to attend.  At this time, Directors review co-op business, vote on important issues, and provide vital direction and advice about the market to the manager.

Thank you to our former Board Members!

  • Jennifer Hugon (2009-10)
  • Jennifer McMullen (2009-11)
  • Jessica Eikleberry (2009-12)
  • Jerrod Weyer (2011-12)
  • John Drouhard (2009-13)
  • Marion & Joseph Yoder (2010-13)
  • Tom & Barbara Yoder (2012-13)
  • Keith Speirs (2009-14)
  • Marlene Collins (2014)
  • Monica Bongue (2009-2015)
  • Dave Benchoff (2009-2015)