Interested in becoming a producer member of Local Roots?  Here is the scoop!

  • Be Legal: All products must comply with federal, state, and local health regulations, licensing, and labeling requirements (see below for some info on that).
  • Fit Guidelines/Mission: Producers must be based in Ohio and adhere to our guidelines.  Rules vary depending on type of product.  Read the full  Product Guidelines 7-2013 for all information to see if your product fits.
  • Fit Needs of Market: Entry of new products is dependent on the needs of the market and is up to the discretion of the market manager.  Producers wishing to sell should confirm that their product is compliant with legal and market guidelines, then contact the market manager to set up a product review at

Once your product is accepted…

  • Producers join the co-op.  All sellers are required to be members of the Wooster Local Foods Cooperative, Inc.  Cost is $50 or 10 hours of volunteer time per year. (Click here for info on membership)
  • Producers set up a display in the market.  Producers can work with management on the display or provide special display items or signs.  Please note: displays are not permanent and may be moved throughout the market as needed.
  • Producers price their own products.  Local Roots provides bar code labels to identify the price and seller.  Producers should take in to account the commission rates which will be deducted from each sale.  We operate on a 2-tier comission system:
    • 18% for “Highly perishable” products such as produce, baked goods, and milk.
    • 25% for all other products including frozen foods, eggs, dairy (not milk), shelf stable foods (jams, syrups, grains, granolas, etc), soaps/lotions, and artisan products.
    • (Check with Management if you have questions about which category your product falls into!)
  • Producers can use our online system to check their daily/weekly sales.  This helps producers to know what sold and when to restock!  (Producers will be contacted once their account is activated.  Instructions for accessing the system HERE.)
  • Local Roots pays twice per month.  (Local Roots offers and encourages the use of direct deposit for payments!  Form to sign up is attached HERE.)  Unsold products remain the property of the seller.
  • Other market rules/customs may apply depending on type of product.  Read Market Rules & Procedures and Display Rental 2014-2 or see manager for details.

Producer Applications

Producers interested in selling at Local Roots must complete and submit and application with copies all applicable licenses and certifications to be kept on file at the market.

Notes on Legal Compliance

In Ohio, the following products may be sold without special licensing:

  • fresh unprocessed fruits or vegetables
  • maple syrup, sorghum, or honey [properly labeled]
  • properly labeled products of a cottage food production operation

All other products require additional licensing.

Producers are expected to inform themselves on issues governing the production, display, distribution, sampling and sale of their products.  Anyone wishing to sell through Local Roots should research the rules and regulations regarding the products they are wishing to sell prior to applying as a producer member.  Here are some resources to get you started:

Notes on Legal Compliance

Cottage food laws & CottageFood-LabelLayout

The Ohio Department of Agriculture

The Wayne County Health Department at